Driver Booster Pro 10.5 License for Free [PC Drivers Up-to-Date]

Driver Booster Pro 10 is a tool developed by Iobit to manage and update device drivers on Windows-based computers. This tool boasts a vast database, providing compatibility with a wide range of hardware devices. Driver Booster Pro version occasionally offer the license free giveaway officially.

It scans for outdated drivers and installs the latest versions from the official manufacturer’s websites. It has a large driver database, one-click updating, automatic scans, and backup/restore features. Some versions may also include a “Game Boost” feature for optimized gaming performance.

Driver Booster Pro License

Users can set up automatic scans and updates on a schedule that suits them best. This helps to keep drivers up to date without requiring manual intervention regularly. Before updating any drivers, Driver Booster Pro creates a backup of the current drivers. If any issues arise after the update, users can revert to the previous drivers using the backup.

Driver Booster Pro Key of Features:

Driver Scanning:

Upon launching Driver Booster Pro, the software performs a comprehensive scan of the user’s system. It identifies outdated, missing, or faulty drivers that may be causing compatibility issues or performance problems.

Driver Database:

Driver Booster Pro utilizes a large and up-to-date driver database. This database contains drivers for a wide range of hardware devices, ensuring compatibility with various components from different manufacturers.

Driver Update:

After the scan is complete, Driver Booster Pro presents the user with a list of drivers that need updating. Users can then choose to update individual drivers or use the “Update All” option to update all outdated drivers in one go.

Official Manufacturer Sources:

Driver Booster Pro ensures that it sources drivers directly from the official websites of the hardware manufacturers. This approach guarantees that users get legitimate and safe driver updates.

Driver Management:

Driver Booster Pro 10.5 helps users efficiently manage their device drivers by scanning for outdated or missing drivers.

Automatic Updates:

The software automatically downloads and installs the latest drivers from official manufacturer websites, ensuring system stability and performance.

Driver Booster Pro Features

One-Click Update:

With a single click, users can update multiple drivers, making the process quick and user-friendly.

Scheduled Scans and Updates:

Users can set up automatic scans and updates on a schedule, streamlining maintenance tasks.

Backup and Restore:

Before updating drivers, Driver Booster Pro 10.5 creates backups, allowing users to revert to previous versions if issues arise.

Game Boost (Optional):

Some versions may include a “Game Boost” feature, optimizing the system for enhanced gaming performance by updating relevant drivers and adjusting settings.

Fixing Device Errors:

Driver Booster Pro might help users identify and fix common device errors related to drivers, improving overall system stability.

Iobit Driver Booster Pro 10.5 License for Free:

Go to visit the official website for download the installer latest version.
Then, run the installer and you need to choose the custom installation for avoid the unwanted apps.
Complete the installation process and launch the application.
After open the main Window click the enter code.
Next, enter the giveaway license code.
07CB7-C38C6-5B122-05440 [OR] 19AF0-E05BA-7613D-A2F40

Keep in mind that the specific features and improvements introduced in Driver Booster Pro 10.5 would be subject to the version’s release notes and any official announcements from IObit. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend visiting the official IObit website or checking for release notes or press releases related to Driver Booster Pro 10.5.

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