FRANZIS CutOut 9 Free for Windows [Remove Objects]

FRANZIS CutOut 9 stands as an uncomplicated Windows application. Which offers a seamless avenue for crafting impeccable photo montages. You can Get FRANZIS CutOut 9 Free for Windows Giveaway. Using these tools you can remove any objects from the photos.

This software facilitates the effortless extraction of elements through a mere series of mouse clicks. Seamlessly embedding them into alternative images, as though the subject was initially captured against that backdrop. Check: Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 9 Free Giveaway

FRANZIS CutOut 9 Free for Windows


Equipped with intelligent tools, CutOut empowers users to refine and eliminate undesired elements from their photographs. Elevate your visual content with features like the astute eraser and error brush for impeccable touch-ups.

Innovative Algorithms:

Harnessing specialized algorithms, CutOut enables the creation of intricate photo montages, a feat unattainable by conventional means. Once conceptualized, CutOut guides users on where to execute precise cuts, streamlining the process with a straightforward mouse click.

Tailored for Photographic Precision:

Beyond mere segmentation, CutOut offers a repertoire of tools tailored for nuanced image editing. Polygon tools seamlessly integrate missing components, offering pixel-level adjustments. The mask’s color modulation facilitates error detection and correction, while the option to alter backgrounds mid-cut enhances flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Effortless background layer swaps.
  • Segmented micro-cut edge detection for white backgrounds.
  • Chroma Key matting with Blue screen technology.
  • Inner/outer edge matting for meticulous results.
  • Advanced mask improvement tools.
  • Precision-contour tool for swift and accurate selections.
  • User-friendly interface with light/dark mode options.
  • Customizable icon sizes with 4K compatibility.
  • Three finely tuned matting methods for versatile tasks.
  • Seamless removal of hair, fur, and delicate objects.
  • Integrated RAW developer for enhanced editing capabilities.
  • Time-efficient color, edge, and segment recognition.
  • Hollywood-like blue screen effects with Chroma Key matting.
  • One-click removal of unwanted image elements.

How to Get FRANZIS CutOut 9 Free for Windows:

Visit the designated Giveaway page.

Input your email, consent to the terms, solve the captcha, and click “Send.”

Shortly, received an email from FRANZIS GmbH (registrierung@ sw.franzis. de) containing a confirmation link.

Click the link to reveal the CutOut 9 serial number or license.

A second email from Franzis will provide activation details, including customer ID and registration code.

Download the 25.2 MB installer from [Zip File].

Unzip the file, run the installer, and complete the setup.

Launch the application, and upon activation prompt, input your serial number and click “Activate.”

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