Bitdefender Premium Security License Key Free for 1 Year 2022

Bitdefender Premium Security License Key Free for 1 the Year 2022 Giveaway Officially. For Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android users, Bitdefender Premium Security is the most complete package for security, privacy, and the most freedom.

Using this bundle, you will have full protection against e-threats across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android with Bitdefender Total Security, Mobile Security for Android, Antivirus for Mac, Parental Control, and Bitdefender VPN Premium.
BitDefender Premium Security Free for 1 Year
With its unlimited VPN feature, it provides complete online anonymity for your devices by encrypting all Internet traffic. In addition, it comes with a powerful VPN with unlimited traffic and a robust multiplatform Password Manager.

Bitdefender Premium Security Key Features:

  • All types of e-threats are protected by Bitdefender Premium Security, including viruses, Trojans, worms, zero-day exploits, rootkits, and spyware. Detecting and repelling online threats has been greatly improved with this powerful software tool. Active apps are closely monitored using a technique known as behavioral detection.
  • A data-protection layer is part of Bitdefender’s multi-layered approach to ransomware. It protects your documents, pictures, videos, and music from various types of attacks. It uses web-filtering technology to keep you from viewing harmful websites. Detects and blocks fraudulent websites that steal credit card numbers and passwords by masquerading as trustworthy.
  • In addition to sniffing some sophisticated malware, like rootkits, it will reboot your computer into Rescue Mode for cleanup and restoration. As well as filtering irrelevant messages, it also helps you keep track of your inbox. Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird are among the available email clients.

BitDefender Premium Security Free Trial for 90 Days


  • No compromise is made to the performance of your system when Bitdefender security software responds to online threats. With OneClick Optimizer, you can increase your device’s speed and performance. By encrypting all Internet traffic, your bank information, passwords, and downloads, Bitdefender Premium VPN safeguards your online presence.
  • Unlimited encrypted traffic can be sent between your Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS devices. You can access and manage your data on each website you visit by using the Anti-tracker extension. It blocks trackers that collect your data.
  • Webcam leaks can be prevented with this professional software. The service offers protection for online banking as well as the ability to automatically fill out credit card information during billing. Parents will appreciate parental control’s assistance in managing their children’s digital lives.
  • In order to stay protected from hackers and data snoops, Bitdefender Premium Security provides powerful network protection. In addition, Microsoft Windows tablets and laptops are protected against theft and loss with this software.
  • Cyber vaults allow you to store sensitive data, such as passwords, credit card information, and other secret information, for easy access whenever you need it. A file can be wiped clean using it, leaving no traces on your computer that it ever existed.

How to Get Bitdefender Premium Security License Key Free for 1 the Year 2022?

Note: It’s a promotional offer for Ukraine users only. But you can get it also too via using a VPN service. Just follow the few steps to get it free for 1 year officially.

Step-1: At the first change, your IP address to Ukraine & use a VPN service.
Step-2: Go to access the – Giveaway Page HERE.
Step-3: Then enter your email address to 1 Year license code for free.
Step-4: When you will get started & you need to create a new account directly with your BitDefender credentials.
Step-5: Next, you will successfully access the Bitdefender central account dashboard. The Bitdefender Premium Security Subscription is displayed under “My Subscription”
Enjoy taking advantage of the 1-year free subscription to the software you want to own.

I hope you enjoyed this article and get a free 1-year license key officially. Citizens of Ukraine can protect up to 10 devices for free for a year. The license includes free upgrades for the entire subscription period. Assistance with technical problems for free.

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