BitDefender Vs Malwarebytes [Comparison]

BitDefender VS Malwarebytes: Which of these two antivirus is the best? Antivirus software is essential for protecting computers or other devices. Cyber threats are becoming more serious these days. It could be anyone who faces a threat. And it is important to have specific antivirus software to protect your device against this online threat.

Many of us have heard of antivirus called BitDefender and Malwarebytes. This two security software can provide you protection online or offline. Now you have to decide which of these two security software to choose.

BitDefender VS Malwarebytes

Comparison Table:

Features –



TypeAntivirus, Internet Security SuiteAnti-Malware, Anti-Exploit, Endpoint Protection
Malware DetectionHigh detection rates with advanced heuristicsExcellent malware detection and removal
Real-time ProtectionComprehensive real-time protection against threatsReal-time protection against malware and exploits
Performance ImpactLow impact on system performanceLightweight and minimal performance impact
User InterfaceUser-friendly and intuitive interfaceSimple and easy-to-navigate interface
Additional FeaturesAdvanced features like firewall, anti-phishingAnti-ransomware, web protection, exploit defense
System Resource UsageEfficient use of system resourcesLightweight and doesn’t consume much memory
Scanning OptionsOffers various scanning modes, including custom scanProvides quick, custom, and full system scans
Platform SupportAvailable for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOSSupports Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS
PricingVarious pricing plans available, including free versionFree version with premium subscriptions available
Customer SupportOffers 24/7 customer support via phone and emailProvides customer support via email and forums
Test ResultsConsistently high scores in independent lab testsHighly rated by independent testing organizations

BitDefender & Malwarebytes Difference:

So now we will discuss the comparative features, advantages, and disadvantages of these two best-quality security software. In this comparison, MalwareBytes and Defender Antivirus will be pitted against each other. To find out which of these two security software is best for your needs, we will compare the following stars.
– Features
– Malware protection
– System performance
– Advantages and disadvantages
– User interface
– Pricing

Bitdefender and Malwarebytes: Overview Details –

In addition to our popular antivirus software such as Malwarebytes and BitDefender, the top popular security software can compare with Norton, Kaspersky, and Avast.

Many users want to use free antivirus. They do not want to use the paid version and are unwilling to pay for the subscription. Free antivirus software can cause a lot of problems. It will slow down your device’s CPU speed and cause PC performance problems.

If you use paid version of antivirus, these antivirus packs the following features besides malware protection: a Cloud backup system, Optimization tool, Secure online banking, VPN, Anti-pissing and anti-tracker, Password Manager, File shredder, Zero-day exploitation, Ransomware protection against it.

Paid antivirus suites cover premium privacy security features and performance factors. So we ask the computer, laptop, Android, Mac, or iOS device users to choose antivirus software and ask them to run regular scans on their devices. Let’s look at the comparative aspects of BitDefender and MalwareBytes, the two best antivirus software we have discussed.

Antivirus software protects against threats:

No matter what type of premium antivirus you use, it protects your device from cyber threats. Offers such features:

– Virus Protection
– Anti-phishing
– Password Manager
– File Shredder
– Weakness protection
Ransomware Protection
– Secure online banking
– Parental control
– System optimization tool
– Cloud backup service
– Zero-day attack
– Pop-up blocking system
– Anti-tracker and VPN service
– 24/7 online customer support

You will find these protection features in most paid versions of antivirus.

Main differences between BitDefender Vs Malwarebytes:

  • BitDefender has security utility tools and many more features. Although malware bytes have fewer features, their effectiveness plays a much better role.
  • BitDefender puts more on the CPU despite being a lightweight antivirus. Malwarebytes is light and puts no load on the system.
  • The free version of BitDefender is only available for Windows. In this case, the free version of Malwarebytes supports both operating systems Windows and Mac.
  • Malwarebytes Customer Support Assists only through tickets and phones. On the other hand, BitDefender solves its customers’ problems through online live support.

Highlights the security features of BitDefender and MalwareBytes:
Malwarebytes Vs BitDefender

The following are some of the key features of Malwarebytes:

– Offers fast malware detection and real-time protection.

– Detect the new viruses and remove them.

– Protects against new infections.

– Quick scanning tool and optimization

– Protects against the threat of various types of malware

– Malware lists such as Trojans, Ransomware, Adware, Viruses, Keylogger, Root-kit, and more.

Malwarebytes has sophisticated features that protect the device from potential attacks like advanced virus phishing attacks, scripting, or hacking. The online banking system guarantees that it will not steal credit card number information or even personal information in any way.

Real-time protection and can scan the system for background processes. Ensures identification of files as harmful and bizarre threats. Malwarebytes’ hyper scan mode is always active to prevent all kinds of dangerous threats. Malwarebytes have code that can be invisible to viruses. So no hacker can disable Malwarebytes antivirus in this case.

The following are some of the key features of Bitdefender:

What is Difference on the Malwarebytes and BitDefender?
The featured features of Malwarebytes are all attached to the BitDefender. The following is a list of additional features that Malwarebytes lacks.
– Password Manager Database that encrypts.
– File Shredder and technical support.
– Safe browsing and malware protection.
– Tools and link checkers to protect privacy.
– There is Rescue and Game Mode for hardware optimization.

Features of BitDefender are designed to prevent all types of ad-tracking software from interfering. It has link checker tools to protect your social media from bad links. Suppose your PC has a ransomware attack and is infected by a virus. In this case, the rescue feature of BitDefender helps to reboot your device and keep the system clean.

Passwords are encrypted with AES-256, which is not easy to track. BitDefender’s file shredder performs well and protects your device.

System Performance:

BitDefender vs MalwareBytes are both very light software. Does not have a significant impact on an operating system and occupies no space. BitDefender uses cloud technology during scanning to not cause any system problems.

BitDefender also uses photon technology which increases its efficiency or speed. With this photon technology, Bitdefender is easily integrated with hardware configuration.

Malware bytes play a significant role in protecting against malware. Malware bytes do not affect a CPU because it is lightweight. Malwarebytes will only play an effective role when your system is under threat. It easily detects malware and viruses.
AV-Test-Results of BitDefender and Malwarebytes
Both BitDefender and MalwareBytes scored 6/6 based on the AV test in terms of performance.

User Interface:

Malware Bytes and BitDefender both have user-friendly interfaces. A good quality interface means that the users can easily access the functionality features of the software.

Bitdefender User Interface:

– Easy navigation system
– All kinds of user interface features
– Access eligibility and no complications
– Organized features exist

Malwarebytes User Interface:

– The main dashboard has all the functionality in an orderly manner.
– Minimalist and not crowded.
– Easily found from the settings icon.
– Settings have an interface that can easily navigate.


Malware Bytes and Bitdefender both cover multiple devices. It easily supports Windows Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Neither of them plays much of a role in iOS and Mac. Malwarebytes is compatible with other antivirus products.

Malware protection:

BitDefender Malware Protection
BitDefender and MalwareBytes give you the best protection against virus malware and other dangerous software online or offline. BitDefender will protect you from various types of online threats and will protect you from the botnet.

Malwarebytes on the other hand combines malware detection and protection layers to create a threat signature against the device attack. Although its security features are lower than those of BitDefender, it does not miss any security threats.
Malwarebytes protection


Both BitDefender and MalwareBytes offer competitive products, and their premium versions offer subscription plans. Subscription packages have multiple devices. In this case, Malwarebytes offers 3 subscriptions for the premium version packages. Its subscriptions carry a 60-day money-back guarantee.

On the other hand, BitDefender offers five subscriptions to its five products. BitDefender offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Its subscription period is 1 to 3 years.

Last Word: Malwarebytes vs BitDefender provide adequate protection as antivirus software. BitDefender provides comprehensive security to your device and does not affect the system. Malwarebytes promises complete protection for your device. Even, if it doesn’t have enough features. You can choose any antivirus suite depending on your financial situation.


Question: BitDefender is better antivirus software than Malwarebytes?

Answer: Effectively, both MalwareBytes and BitDefender can prevent other malware, including viruses. There are some additional features that are better than malware bytes. Which gives the extra advantage. It provides great protection against online cyber threats.

Question: Is BitDefender Anti-Malware?

Answer: Yes. BitDefender protects your device from all kinds of anti-malware. BitDefender’s Total Security software protects you from ransomware, malware, Trojan, Wram, Spyware, and many more viruses.

Question: Are Malwarebytes capable of removing viruses?

Answer: Malwarebytes like BitDefender protect your device from various types of viruses as well as malware protection.

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