Text Edit Plus V13.6 License Free [Like as Notepad]

Text Edit Plus represents a simple yet powerful plain text editor, encompassing a variety of practical features. You can get a Text Edit Plus V13.6 License Free Giveaway Officially. This compact software empowers users to effortlessly create new text documents or modify existing ones. Crafted by VOVSoft, this application serves as a viable alternative to Notepad, boasting a richer array of features compared to its counterpart.

Text Edit Plus V13.6 License Free

About the Text Edit Plus:

This adaptable tool facilitates the viewing and modification of text files, conducts statistical analyses, and encrypts their contents.

Text Edit Plus, a lightweight text editor and analyzer, offers users insights into crucial information about characters, words, and lines within the source document. Additionally, it supports text copying and pasting.

This Windows utility presents numerous supplementary tools, such as a line randomizer, a field generator (for dates, numbers, or text), and a line clipper for cutting lines.

For individuals frequently dealing with text documents, this software proves to be a commendable choice, particularly when swift text document statistics are required. The incorporated analysis module streamlines this process.

Within Text Edit Plus, the interface maintains a pristine appearance, ensuring new users find navigation intuitive.

The application adeptly reads various text file formats, including TXTs, CSVs, and HTML. Its extensive array of text manipulation tools, particularly quick-edit features, proves valuable for making minor adjustments.

Key Features of Text Edit Plus:

  • Dark mode.
  • Spell checker.
  • Syntax highlighter.
  • PDF export.
  • Generate text stats.
  • Add date and time.
  • Customize background color and font properties.
  • Encode and decode text.
  • Generate e-mail lists.
  • Generate word lists.
  • Import pictures as text (ASCII art).
  • Unicode detector.
  • UTF-8 support.
  • Text encryption.

How to Get Text Edit Plus V13.6 License Free:

Participate in the new giveaway starting December 1, 2023:

Download the installer from the developer page: Desktop Installer / Portable

Activate it using the provided license code:


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